Privacy declaration
Food Comapny srl wishes to guarantee the privacy of any information obtained through its website so information will only be used as follows:

Data collection
Food Comapny Srl will treat any personal information related to the users of its website in conformity with the Code regarding the safeguarding of personal information (D. lgs No. 196/2003). Furthermore, Food Company Srl wishes it to be known that although such personal information would enable the user to be identified, it will only be used to collect anonymous statistics for monitoring its site and will then be cancelled. However, any such personal information might be used to determine the responsibility of any damage incurred to its website.

Collection of personal data
Any personal information that is collected might be transferred or related to other companies controlled or linked to Food Comapny Srl for purposes strictly connected to services provided. Personal information provided by users by means of a request for informative material (brochures etc.) will only be used for the purposes specified and will only be related to third parties (companies employed for despatching and labelling) if necessary. Apart from these situations, no personal information will be transferred or related to third parties without the necessary consent.

Rights of users
In compliance with art. 7 of the Code regarding the safeguarding of personal information (D.lgs No. 196/2003) users have the right at any moment to be informed of the storing of information and of its exact nature and to be able to alter the contents in any way if considered appropriate.