“What lies behind the famous atmosphere of warmth and peace of mind
we can breathe in every corner of Italy?
The real Italian is certainly much more than the stereotype of the great lover and gourmet.
In the Bel Paese, a centuries-old tradition of Italian specialties, history, sun and art
has made the praise of Bacchus and Venus a philosophy of high-quality life,
that blends perfectly with the wellbeing every person seeks.
In the Peninsula, you can experience the pleasure of living,
a lifestyle to be enjoyed with religious devotion and virtuous slowness”.

Welcome to our world: I Like Italy, the website inspired by the values of authenticity, tradition and well-being, strictly Made in Italy, at the service of the lovers of Italian cuisine, the gourmet, and the curious.
We had a desire: to make you know the goodness of the Italian specialties and spread our love for our exquisite regional food range, which has rural origins and craftsmanship in respect of simplicity and health.
In this era of globalization, the typical features of a geographical area are a fundamental value. Especially in a country like Italy, which is notably distinguished by strong traditions, ancient origins and peculiarities. We want to promote and celebrate Italian excellence in the world, offering the best typical specialties of our food repertoire.
Passionate about our Land, we have selected for you the finest cuisine from our beautiful country, especially from Tuscany, of which we have personally verified the taste and quality of raw materials.
Tasting all these Italian specialties has been a challenging process, but it is a sacrifice we did gladly for you! We met the producers and appreciated their dedication, professionalism and long experience.
Seeing the creativity of these manufacturing food artists and visiting their farms, immersed in the breath-taking Italian landscapes, has been an exciting adventure that has made us, once again, proud of our nationality.
The Italian specialties on sale on our website are hardly found in shops, because they are niche products which are not sold in supermarkets. Their production is made on a high-quality, small scale, the result of a meticulous, careful, and qualified selection, which leads the goodness of the farmer’s harvests directly on your table, without going through the warehouses of distributors and resellers. The product will arrive to the consumer directly from the producer, without passing through any sorts of intermediaries. We will be your only mediator of trust: the supply chain has never been so short!
Shopping online, thus, becomes the most effective way to give yourself the best selection of Italian food at affordable prices: lowering the cost of promotion and distribution, it can finally transform the prestige of Made in Italy cuisine into an affordable desire!
Our catalog is constantly updated and offers a wide range of Italian delicacies!
Let yourself be pampered by the delicious flavours of I Like Italy specialties: the quality of our menu is guaranteed and your order is safe at every stage. Our customer care service is always at your disposal to clarify all your doubts, but also welcomes comments, tips, requests, and suggestions. Shipments are quick and secure, your purchases are protected by first-rate packaging that preserves their integrity and freshness.

In order to accompany you in this lovely journey through the value of healthy Italian lifestyle, we suggest you the most delicious recipes you can cook using I Like Italy specialties. Furthermore, we tell you about the other jewels of our beautiful country: the pristine resorts, the rich repertoire of national World Heritage Sites, the most delicious regional recipes, culture, welfare, and folklore events.

It’s true: everything in Italy comes to food, wellness, and relax!
Live according to nature, enjoy the taste of every moment: we provide you the emotions of a charming Italian adventure made of Italian specialties and pleasure of living!