Crema Doposole / After-Sun "Dermonature"

Soothing, moisturizing, nourishing emulsion which is easily absorbed.
€ 25.30


Three great products for three different functions to control your weight.
€ 46.00

Trainer di body building e fitness
Mirka Pagan Zecchin

She got her bodybuilding trainer qualification in 2000 and her personal trainer diploma in 2003, she has been working in a famous sports centre in Verona for more than a decade. Over time, she has continued to improve her technical training passionately and she has taken part in numerous master’s and update courses, as she considers necessary to work constantly in order to satisfy customers’ needs. She is part of a staff specializing in training programmes aimed at weight loss or muscle mass building.

Personal Coach
Francesco Cataldo

PDA Training has been operating in the field of communication and training (both for individuals and for companies) since 1986, using the best personal coaches. Over 24 years PDA Training has organized thousands of courses and worked with dozens of professionals, first of all Francesco Cataldo. Currently, he develops the classroom training courses organized by PDA. Excellent trainer and communication expert, he deals with the importance of having individual, family, work and social goals, to live each day in the constant momentum to achieve them.

Medico specialista in Endocrinologia e Diabetologia
Mauro Defendente Febbrari

Mauro Defendente Febbrari - Specialist Endocrinology and Diabetology. He lives and works in Bergamo. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Naples, he specialized in the same University in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases. He is an expert on Metabolic Diseases and Chemical Nutrition. Several times He has held the teaching of Endocrinology and Diet Therapy in the area of medical pathologies. He is the author of numerous scientific publications, including international ones. His researches on the relationship between wine and health are particularly interesting for their nutritional and social implications. His Clinics: BERGAMO - Via Broseta 35 - Tel: 035/240889 PONTE SAN PIETRO - Via Rampinelli 2b - Tel: 035/4376897