Cities of Art in Emilia

During Roman times, there were already rich and vibrant cities along the Via Emilia: starting from Ariminum (Rimini), is then possible to follow a route that goes through Caesena (Cesena), Forum Livii (Forlì), Bononia (Bologna), Mutipa (Modena), Regium Lepidi (Reggio), Parma lulia Augusta (Parma) to Placentia (Piacenza). Today they are renowed as the most important cities of art in Emilia Romagna. Besides Modena and its Piazza Grande, the Cathedral and the Tower of Ghirlandina, two other cities of art must be mentioned, since they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Those cities are Ferrara, with its beautiful town centre and the Delizie Estensi, and Ravenna, which boasts eight early Christian and Byzantine monuments and the most beautiful mosaics in the world.

All these monuments by themselves would be enough to demonstrate the importance of the cultural heritage anchored in Emilia Romagna throughout centuries of history and culture; but besides them, numerous smaller hamlet centres, ancient villages and turreted castles stand out among hills and mountains, along the valleys and the Po river to enrich the tangle of small and great places to be discovered. The enterprising tourist and curious visitor will be spoiled for choice in this jewel case of Cities of art, which are all so close and so beautiful, and on foot or by bike it's a pleasure to go and discover them!

Here there is no time to get bored; throughout the year many events and initiatives are always organized such as art exhibitions, performances and music – without forgetting that Parma is Verdi’s birthplace and that Bologna is considered the UNESCO City of Music – all seasoned with the traditional flavors of Parma ham, Parmesan, tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce, balsamic vinegar and piadinas, mentioning only the most popular.
Source: I Like Italy
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