Castle of Calitri

The International Living magazine, reviewed Borgo Castello di Calitri as one of the nine most livable town in the world. It’s Calitri, a delightful and charming small town in the heart of Irpinia. Although the presence of prehistoric artifacts, its origins would ensure around the thirteenth century under the domination of King Frederick II of Swabia.

The construction of the Castrum, around which the village is agglomerated, was started in the middle age and now this great manor is considered the symbol of the town.

Its splendor, despite the difficulties caused by several earthquakes (the last one in 1980) has not faded at all. To confirm its importance the Ministerial Recognition of 1998, which consider the village a "rare and significant historical and architectural heritage" of the period since the founding of the fort to the sixteenth century. In May 2010, the reconstruction of the Castrum Calitri is finished and includes among others, the birth of the museum of ceramics. For those seeking a piece of land away from the noises of the city and closer to heaven, Calitri seems to be the right choice.

Source: Staff I Like Italy
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