Top 5 anti-stress drink

There are many remedies for stress. There are drugs, but should always be considered a last resort in serious cases, always on the recommendation of a specialist. There are natural remedies, medicinal plants and herbs to relieve symptoms of anxiety and tension accumulated throughout the day. There are ways of life, more regular hours, a sane diet, no debauchery. But few know that if we are really stressed out, can help us run even a few drinks. What? Let's see.

1) A glass of milk - Milk contains a substance called tryptophan, which when metabolized turns nell'ormone well-being and peace of mind: serotonin. And then, milk contains calcium, magnesium and potassium, beneficial substances because they can lower blood pressure, when spikes, because of stress.

2) A hot chocolate - Chocolate stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain and opioids that promote the feeling of pleasure. And then, a hot drink raises the temperature of the body, a situation that unconsciously associate with comfort, and stimulates that part of the nervous system that promotes relaxation.

3) Black tea - Drunk instead of coffee, four times a day for six weeks, reduce the cortisol stress hormone. The study has shown at University College of London.

4) A cup of green tea - Green tea is a blend of theanine, a substance that increases the production of alpha waves in the brain (to induce relaxation) and lowers the emission of beta waves (associated with emotional stress).

5) A simple glass of cold water - Immediately after drinking a bit of fresh water, get out for a walk outside: water stimulates circulation, the air gives the body a boost of energy and increases production of endorphins. The ideal solution to get rid of stress.

Jessica Minuti - I like Italy
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