Peccati di Cuore / Heart Sins 
For Valentine's day you can surprise your sweetheart with...
Box chocolates "Brotini" (10 pieces)
A magical alchemy of taste, creativity, technology and raw materials of excellent quality. These delicate chocolate pralines are filled with fruits, spices, herbs, liqueurs, in order to give an incredible taste. Praline made from Tuscan recipes and according to the rules of Tuscan master chocolatiers of the '50s.

Spreadable "Brotini" - Jar gr.190
Greedy spreadable chocolate cream. Made with high quality ingredients, they contain no hydrogenated vegetable fats.
Three flavors - The three creams in one jar. A charming package makes this cream also ideal as a gift.

Spumante Brut "Oliveto" - Bottle lt. 0,75
Spumante Brut Soft, complex and lingering.

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