Fettuccine - Pasta Elite "La Campofilone"  
... the unique flavour of handmade egg pasta.
La Campofilone use only the finest non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) durum wheat, that is exclusively cultivated in Marche Region and it is characterized by a high protein standard, to guarantee an excellent nourishing value.

The durum wheat semolina, produced in a local mill, is extracted from the heart of wheat, using only the central part of the single grain. This gives the pasta an elevated gluten index, in addition to providing firmness during cooking. Moreover, it helps to avoid the stickiness and contributes to an elevated granulometric value.

The pasta is made with eggs from free-range hens that are fed exclusively with non-GMO cereals, and they have a genuine scent and an authentic sunny color.

Pacco / Package gr. 250Quantity€ 3.60

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