Through a Child’s Eyes

Within each of us there is still the child we were. Maybe we are not consciously aware of it, but there is. From Blake to Pascoli, all the poets reminded us the existence of that child.

However, in this life with its frenetic pace, there is no time to stop and play.
Showing wonder makes us appear stupid, expressing emotions is likely to be embarrassing in a society where being weak is inappropriate and risky. Thus, we hide our fragility even to ourselves. We consider naive and a bit weird those who feel free to be open to others. Yet, deep inside of us, we feel a certain envy for their freedom and spontaneity and, intimately, we regret the coldness imposed by social conventions to which we adhere. We feel that we lost the spiritual wealth of children, their candor, and their innocence.

It seems that nothing is able to really surprise us any longer. We remember with tenderness that Italian song that said "Children say Oooh”, sweet celebration of children’s wonder. The powerful emotions of first experiences, genuine curiosity and enthusiasm of that time when everything was new and unexplored. The ingenuity was then worth more than a weakness. Its power was humility, lack of prejudice and malice, the desire to learn. As opposite, the adults’ world is often dominated by presumption, pride and clichés. Above all, by the fear of telling about one’s own feelings.

Kids have the talent to state complex truth using simple terms, they do not hide behind the dialectic. Their feelings, their communication, their actions, each phase of their self-expression has the strength of the innate wisdom of those who face life by simplifying it. Think of the spontaneity with which the kids hold each others’ hands. Growing up, the personal space expands and the interpersonal distance dilates. Shared moments are more rare and isolation increases. We do not really trust the others.

Rediscovering our hidden child, recognizing the benefit of dreaming or, at least, of hoping can be a way to draw closer to our emotions. Why don’t we devote our spare time to something different than the usual shopping or football match on TV? How long haven’t we had a picnic or flown a kite? When was the last night we spent in contemplating fireflies or looking at the sky, waiting to see a falling star? Children can teach us how to enjoy little things of everyday life, to diminish the gravity of what is happening, and not to give up.

Marzia VaccaroI Like Italy

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