Ribollita, a typical tuscan dish

Ribollita is a simple, traditional, Tuscan country dish. I used this dish as a starting point to tell about some of the old traditions of Italian country cooking. It's a tradition bound to the harvests, the seasons and the fruits of the earth.

The love of good food lead me to develop an interest in those things. With a few short stories, I will illustrate some simple, delicious recipes that evoke memories and flavors of the past that, sometimes, through cooking, I manage to recapture. Another interest of mine is photography, when it is accessible and without pretenses.I have included my photographs on this site. They illustrate the preparation of some of the dishes, the ingredients that are used and their display in shops and markets, as well as my surroundings, Tuscany and Umbria.

The images are organized by photographic route. Through these images, I hope to show you the colors that characterize these places, the greens of the hills, the reds of the brick farmhouses, the flowers of springtime.

Source: ribollita.com
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