Diet? Watch out “X” Hour

What would you think if someone, while you're followin a diet plan, tell you about a misterious "X hour", when the eating desire sharply rise? And if this "X hour" would be fixed, exactly, at 15,23? Probably you'd doubt about your iterlocutor's sanity. Surprisingly, this is all true, according with a recent Atkins's experts study. Then if you are trying to lose weight and you are proud of your results, due to your will, you'd better watch out your clock, in orderd to resist, in the afternoon, at the tremendous desire of something sweet or tasty. Until today we knew about the risks of eating snacks, but nobody ever suspected about after-lunch hours, when we feel the temptation to shrink working-hours or we eat just as a social activity with collegues. Atkins researchers analyzed 1250 people who failed to follow a diet: they answer about their failure including stress, boredom and mood problems in order to justify their diet unsuccess.

But the real surprise was the discovery about the fatal hour of temptation: the largest part of the sample indicated 15.00-15.30 as the most riskful hour in the day to avoid the diet plan. Then, next time you follow a diet, watch out to "X Hour".
Fonte: Lorenzo Bianchi - I Like Italy
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