Eating fish: good for memory…and for eyes

Eating fish is useful to improve your memory, but also for your eyes. These are the results of a research made by John Hopkins School of Medicine directed by Sheila West and published on "Ophtalmology". If our moms told us about the mnemonic properties of fish, now it seems that the well known omega 3 help to protect macula, the most sensitive area of the eye, that allows us to see the world in "HD". Among 2391 volunteers 65-84 year's old, those who are used to eat fish were affected by a lowest cases of sight diseases, especially macula-related diseases. So Omega 3 and vitamins have a key role in order to protect eyes: that's why a rich and various diet - including not only fish, but also fruits, vegetables...and fitness - must be essential to live healthy for a long time.
Source: Lorenzo Bianchi - I Like Italy
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