Tomato is a perennial plant of the Solanaceae, native to Latin America, which produces berries of green or red (the tomato itself) are coated with a smooth skin and very strong.
The plant usually reaches a height ranging from 50 cm to meters and has the hair is all over the trunk and leaves.
The tomato may be round, flattened, oval or elongated depending on the variety, the varieties are many, but for convenience can be divided into three groups:
* Ribbed tomatoes: Costoluto Florence Pantano, Samar.
* Smooth round tomatoes: Ace, Monte Carlo, Sunrise.
* Elongated tomatoes: Maremma, Romarzano, San Marzano.

A further division can be done according to end use of the tomato:
* Tomato salad.
* Tomato sauce.

The tomato, although it became part of Italian cooking relatively late compared to other foods, has gained a respectable position in our diet because of the emblem and distinctive dishes like pizza. Is then used as a core element in many sauces, chopped or experience, but also in salads (Capri) and in main dishes. It is recommended to consume more because those unripe tomatoes contain substances that promote stone formation.
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